Local rallies aimed at encouraging everyone to vote


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — A final push from the democrats and republicans to get everyone out to vote on Election Day.

The Scott County GOP held a “Get Out The Vote” rally this afternoon encouraging voters to support the republican party. Iowa GOP Chairman, Jeff Kaufmann rallied supporters today and said it’s time for the undecided voters to make a choice.

“But you know, if they’ve gone this far, and they haven’t made up their mind, do a plus and a minus,” said Kaufmann, “Literally, put Hillary and Trump and then list the good and then the bad and then ask yourself the question, which one is better?”

Kaufmann said he had to advocate for his candidate and has faith that other voters will see it his way. “None are going to be perfect, which one of these individuals is going to be better for your grandchild 50 years from now?” asked Kaufmann.

He said if you list out the pros and cons for each candidate, he is confident you will choose to support the Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

Just hours before this rally,  Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at Modern Woodman Park with the same goal, to snag last minute voters. Sanders spoke to a large crowd making a case for his candidate, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton believes in pay equity for women,” said Sanders.

He said equal pay and healthcare are leading issues and he sides with Clinton. Sanders urged voters to look at each issue and believes voters will be able to make an informed decision on Election Day.

“See where Hillary Clinton is coming down, see where Mr. Trump is coming down,” said Sanders.

Both parties said they will have supporters out canvasing in the Quad Cities hoping to pick up more support before Tuesday.

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