Rock Island County GOP office spray painted, vandalized with anti-Trump message


UPDATE – In response to the overnight vandalism, Rock Island County Republicans Chairman Bill Bloom says the message is inappropriate and not true.

“Basically the message its a slur against our presidential candidate, but we consider it a slur against us since it’s on the front of our building,” Bloom said. “We have had so much inappropriate stuff happen this election season that its hard to enumerate it all.”

Bloom adds that the republicans in Rock Island county are accepting to the LGBT community. He believes this is a form of voter intimidation.

In a statement, Rock Island County Democrats Chairman Doug House said:

“I was made aware of the vandalism of the Rock Island County Republican Headquarters by the news media this afternoon. We consider this an intolerable criminal act and do not condone it in anyway. The tone of this campaign cycle and the level of rhetoric that has been thrown around has raised the number of these types of acts by criminal extremists some of whom have stolen our candidates signs and in at least one case set our candidates sign on fire. It is unfortunate that this occurred and we do hope that those that did this to their headquarters are found and prosecuted. We consider the comments made by the Republican Chairman blaming Democrats extremely irresponsible. Rather than pointing the finger at others to blame perhaps, the Republican Chairmen should take this time to reflect on his statement as part of the reason that the country and politics has become so polarized.


MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) – Politically driven acts of vandalism have been crowding headlines over the last month or two, and those acts have made their way to the Quad Cities.

Graffiti was discovered Saturday morning at the Rock Island County GOP office in Moline. The vandal used black spray paint to write on the office’s front windows. The graffiti reads “LGBT [expletive] TRUMP.”

Detective Scott Williams with the Moline Police Department says police were notified at 9:03 p.m. on Friday night of the vandalism and are currently investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (309)762-9500. A $1,000 cash reward has been offered to anyone with information that leads to solving the case.

Stay tuned to KWQC-TV6 News and for more information as this story continues to develop.


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