Final CitiBus route modifications now in effect


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – The final modifications to the city bus routes went into effect on Sunday, Nov 6. The changes were based on feedback from both passengers and drivers and are meant to address areas of concern.

The modifications should improve bus frequencies along Kimberly Road and Locust Street and improve time reliability along 53rd Street. The changes made include:

  1. Route 8 (Green Line) and Route 8A (Magenta Line) will abandon loop service in favor of point-to-point service. Route 8 will operate between West Walmart and Burlington Coat Factory along Locust Street. Route 8A will be renamed Route 10 and provides service between West Walmart and Burlington Coat Factory along Kimberly Road.
  2. Route 7 (Brown Line) will now provide service to downtown Rock Island twice and hour. It will also run to Burlington Coat Factory along 13th Street and Pershing Avenue.
  3. Route 5 (Blue Line) will be interlined with Route 8 to provide reliable frequency along 53rd Street.
  4. Route 1 (Orange Line) will be extended to provide service to Telegraph Road.

Updated and improved system maps and route schedules are available for transit customers. For more information about these changes or the routes, visit, Ground transportation Center, or any CitiBus bus.

A hearing for the public to comment on these changes will be held at City Hall on November 16, at 5:30 pm.

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