Red Cross: Have you checked your smoke detectors?


(KWQC) – You’ve changed all your clocks to standard time, but have you checked your smoke detectors?

The Red Cross is using their Turn and Test campaign to associate changing the clocks twice a year with checking smoke detector batteries. They’re also recommending that all residences have working smoke detectors every level of the home, including inside and outside bedrooms.

“Working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in a home fire in half,” said Leslie Schaffer, Regional Executive Director for the Red Cross Iowa Region. “Turn and Test is a reminder to set your clocks back and take a few minutes to push the test button to make sure all alarms are working.”

The Red Cross says now is also a good time to take other precautionary measures:

  • Create and practice a fire escape plan
  • Make or purchase an emergency preparedness kit
  • Download the Red Cross Emergency App

For more information on home fire prevention and emergency preparedness, visit

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