Two men charged after assaulting another man and locking him in a garage

Justin Jewell
Justin Jewel
Andrew Albright
Andrew Albright

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC)- Davenport Police responded to 1000 block of North Thornwood Ave. around 4 a.m. Sunday morning.

Davenport Police say when they arrived, they found two men, one armed with an eight inch knife, threatening to kill another man in the backyard of a home.

They later found out that before police arrived, 29-year-old Justin Jewel and 30-year-old Andrew Albright had hit a man several times in the head and neck.

The victim suffered a cracked orbital bone on his right cheek. Albright and Jewel then locked the man in a detached garage to further the assault.

The victim broke out of the garage through a window to escape and was being threatened in the yard when police arrived.

Albright and Jewell were both charged with false imprisonment, willful injury and assault while displaying a deadly weapon.

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