Campaigns rely on ground game with just hours until polls open


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC)- In the final day of the election season, the last effort to garner support rests in the feet of ground game volunteers.

Volunteers from LULAC have knocked on hundreds of doors over the last two weekends.

Those on both sides of the ticket are talking with voters at home with just hours to go until polls open.

“I would say we’ve had a really good reaction from people,” said Sara Coussens, a Hillary Clinton Volunteer. “I think people appreciate us coming and reminding them that every vote counts.”

On the other side of the ticket, Republican Party volunteers used iPads and walked door to door.

“To live in a country where we have the freedom to do so, versus some of the totalitarian regimes around the world, you definitely don’t want to take it for granted,” said Troy Eichelberger as he went door to door for the GOP.

Both sides of the ticket know the importance of Scott County in the swing state of Iowa.

“Scott County is a large county and we’ve had buses come in from Chicago,” said Coussens.

“I think the good people of Iowa wills ee through what both sides stand for in both the Republicans and Democrats and just see how different the philosophy is,” added Eichelberger.

As the sun sets on the campaign season, it will rise Tuesday morning as voters head to the polls.


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