UPDATE: Source found for test alert text messages

text-alertUPDATE –  November 6, 2016: U.S. Cellular issued a statement regarding Monday’s test Wireless Emergency Alerts texts. The company says, “While conducting an upgrade of U.S. Cellular’s Wireless Emergency Alerts platform, a test alert was inadvertently broadcast to our customers across our entire footprint. That test alert will no longer be deployed, and we apologize for the inconvenience and concern the test alert may have caused.”

Officials did not say why some customers received the alert multiple times.

ORIGINAL STORY – November 7, 2016:

Iowa Homeland Security officials confirm that Iowa and about a dozen other states may have received one or more text messages via Wireless Emergency Alerts. That’s the system that provides text messages on weather alerts.

In a statement, the agency says the messages did not come from the State of Iowa or any local jurisdiction in Iowa. The message was headlined: Severe Alerts and said it was a test of the IPAWSTester.

State officials are actively investigating the issue and will provide an update once additional information is obtained.

Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management issued a statement asking mobile phone users to refrain from calling 911 when receiving a TEST message.


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