City of Davenport offering free leaf pick up

fall leaves

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – We had a beautiful fall season, but many of those leaves might be making their way off the trees and into your yard. Before you start raking, you should remember to avoid pushing them out into the city streets.

According to the City of Davenports website, leaves and grass clippings that are pushed out into the roads can be washed into storm drains during area rain events. That causes a couple of different issues. The city states that storm drains full of leaves can contribute to localized flooding and to the degradation of the local water quality. Intentionally piling leaves and yard waste into the streets is a violation of the “Clean Water Act” and City Code Chapter 8.14.400. Violating this could land you a fine between $100 to $250.

From now until November 26, 2016, the City of Davenport is offering free, no sticker yard waste pick up. All you have to do is bag your leaves and leave them out on garbage night. Outside of free pick up weeks, a yard waste sticker will cost you $1.60 a piece. You can read more about this on the City of Davenport website.

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