Rock Island County passes school tax


Rock Island, Il (KWQC) The magic number was 4, that’s how many local election cycles it’s been for the Rock Island County-Milan school district to pass school sales tax when it was first introduced in 2009.  Now they’ve finally gotten their wish, after Tuesday’s elections, the Rock Island-Milan school district finally passed. Residents in Rock Island County say, this isn’t such a bad thing to pass.

“I figured a few dollars a year isn’t going to hurt me, and I think it’s great, I’m happy we passed it,” said Moline resident Georgiene Corby. “Either we support it, or we don’t, we support our kids or we don’t, and I’m all about supporting our kids.”

Edison Junior High School in Rock Island, is one school that’s in need of some changes. Principal Christi Thigpen says, the sales tax approval couldn’t have come at a better time.

“The school is at a point where we can’t put a patch and put a bandage on things, we need to make some significant changes,” Thigpen says.

From wall damage, torn bleachers, and scratched lockers, Thigpen says better surroundings will create a better school environment for teachers and students.

“More then anything, they wanna feel good, they want their students to feel good so there’s been a lot of excitement and you know just emotion is running high today,” she says. “We are thrilled at the overwhelming support that we got from the voters in the community to allow us to make the necessary changes, cause we couldn’t have done it without them and ultimately we’re doing it for them.'”



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