Vote to end small Iowa town ends in a tie


MOUNT UNION, Iowa (KWQC) – The November General Election was not only a time to choose a president and state and local office-holders, it was also an opportunity for one small town to disincorporate. But after the votes were counted, it looks like the Henry County town of Mt. Union will remain. That’s because the vote ended in a tie: 31-31.

Mount Union residents have been debating the issue for months after the city council signaled its intent to disincorporate last spring. In part, the suggestion was prompted by a dispute over paying for a new sewer system installed in 2010, as required by the the state.

Henry County Deputy Auditor Andrea Cook says officials would begin making calls to determine what to do next. She says it’s still possible uncounted absentee ballots could arrive, which must be counted if postmarked by Nov. 7.

Information from: The Hawk Eye,

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