2016 Student Hunger Drive Totals


QUAD CITIES (KWQC)- It was weigh in day today for the 31st annual Student Hunger Drive.  Students from high schools around the Quad Cities gathered for the Finale Rally. This year students from 16 area high schools, with the help of the community, collected 378,461 pounds of food for the River Bend Foodbank in Davenport.  The foodbank distributes food to more than 300 charitable community organizations that support the hungry.

According to Liz Treiber, Executive Director of the Student Hunger Drive, “I am very proud of the young people in our community. Their energy and creativity hosting all kinds of wonderful events, all for the cause of helping people in need really touches my heart.”

Mike Miller, Executive Director of the River Bend Foodbank, is grateful for the work of our area students.  According to Miller, “We really emphasized the quality of the food with the students this year. Instead of emphasizing food that weighed the most pounds, they focused on collecting food they would like to eat. We received more nutritious food this year than we ever have.”

Student Hunger Drive Advisory Board President, Beth Hancock said, “In terms of living out the Student Hunger Drive mission of uniting and empowering students in volunteerism, the students exceeded far beyond our expectations. Each school united their school communities, by including every class, every student and even their intermediate and elementary schools, parents and  neighbors.”

Here is a look at this year’s winners:

Division A: (enrollment 1251+):

1st Place  — Bettendorf High School 40 pounds per student collecting

2nd Place – United Township High School 26 pounds per student

Most Improved- Davenport West High School +70%

Division B: (enrollment 300-1250)

1st Place –Alleman High School 140 pounds per student

2nd Place – Assumption High School 48 pounds per student

Division C: (enrollment 25-299)

1st Place – Rivermont Collegiate High School 284 pounds per student

2nd Place – Morning Star Academy 103 pounds per student

Most Pounds Collected: Bettendorf High School 62,392 pounds of food

Participation Awards were awarded to:

Alleman High School, Assumption High School, Bettendorf High School, Central High School, Moline High School, Morning Star Academy, North High School, North Scott High School, Orion High School, Pleasant Valley High School, Quad Cities Christian, Rivermont Collegiate, Rock Island High School, Thurgood Marshall, West High School, United Township.


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