Changes coming to Davenport parking garages


DAVENPORT, Iowa. (KWQC) — The Davenport Public Works Department is re-vamping the parking system in the public parking garages.

The current system is more then twenty years old and the department reports times when the gates wouldn’t open or close. It was time to upgrade and while exploring options the public works department found an entirely new system to use.

Currently when you use the parking garage you drive in, take a ticket, the arm goes up and you drive to a spot. Then when you are ready to leave you turn your ticket in at the exit and pay for however long you were parked. The new system is much different.

The new method will have a camera stationed at the entrance where it will snap a picture of your driver’s license. From there you will go to a kiosk and type in your plates then pay for however long you plan to be parked. The brings in the question: What if I decide to stay longer?

Nicole Gleason, Director of Davenport Public Works, said you can always add more time if you decide to stay longer.

“Then they are able to extend payment via either the pay-station or via a mobile application,” said Gleason.

With this new system comes new prices. You can park for two hours for $1, 12 hours for $5 and then 24 hours for $10. Gleason said the prices should also make parking easier.

“This is the system that a lot of larger cities are going to you will find them all over the country,” said Gleason.

The new kiosks were installed this week but Gleason said the new system won’t go into affect until Jan. 9.

Gleason also said this new system won’t impact those who are park for extended periods with a parking pass, but she does suggest calling public works to give them your license plate number or you may get ticketed this winter.

For more information head to the public works website:

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