What’s In A Name – Galva

GALVA, Ill. (KWQC) – The Henry County town of Galva has strong ties to Sweden. Back in 1854, John Wiley and his cousin found a spot on the prairie to plot a new town. But instead of naming it after themselves, the Wiley’s gave that honor to colonists in a nearby settlement.

Residents in Bishop Hill helped with the early formation of Galva. They built many of the buildings and helped the new town get off the ground. Bishop Hill was a Swedish settlement and when they were given the honor of naming the new town they helped to build, they decided to name it after a seaport city in Sweden. The new town was named Gavle, pronounced “Yah-vley.”  But many early settlers had a hard time saying it correctly, so a few years later the name was modified to Galva.

Today, Galva’s motto is the “City Of Go”. You can check out the town’s history and celebrate the holidays. On November 26th the city is hosting its annual Old Fashioned Christmas event. Things kick off in the downtown that morning at nine. There will be activities throughout the day including carriage rides and a visit from Santa.  At 5 p.m. there will be a lighted holiday parade.

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