Clinton County farmers use corn as snow fences to help drivers this winter

CLINTON COUNTY, Iowa (DOT)- Farmers along Highway 30 in Clinton County have picked almost every field, but you may have noticed some rows of corn have been left standing.

Paul Rock is one of the farmers participating in the standing corn program created by the Iowa DOT.

He along with three other farmers in Clinton County leaves twelve rows of corn standing to create a natural snow fence for drivers.

The DOT pays around five dollars per bushel, which is above market price.

This year, he planted corn on the edge of his bean field just to help the DOT with the program, and make Highway 30 safer for drivers.

“They thank us and people that have to drive this corridor every day and especially when there’s snow blowing and stuff,” Rock said. “It makes a world of difference.”

Iowa DOT Highway Maintenance Supervisor, Dave Coon says it makes it easier for snow plow drivers as well.

“When we get a significant amount of snow, or one with a fairly decent amount of wind with it and you’re out here chasing drifts, you smile when you come to this section of road.” Coon said.

These areas along Highway 30 usually would have wooden snow fence. So, by leaving the corn standing it saves time and money for the DOT and for taxpayers.


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