Duckworth, Kirk hold meeting after contentious campaign

Associated Press
Associated Press

CHICAGO (AP) — Democratic Senator-elect Tammy Duckworth and defeated incumbent Republican Sen. Mark Kirk met at a Chicago delicatessen in a public effort to move past an intense election campaign.

The two sipped drinks Friday and engaged in talk about their families and Kirk’s new dog during a stop at the South Side’s Manny’s Deli.

Duckworth and Kirk engaged in harsh campaign rhetoric leading up to Tuesday’s vote which saw Duckworth hand her opponent a resounding defeat.

Kirk accused Duckworth of failing Illinois veterans while running the state Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and Duckworth attacked Kirk’s dedication to veterans’ issues and alleging he sided with Wall Street interests instead of Main Street causes.

However, on Friday Kirk thanked Duckworth for attending the meeting, Duckworth replied it was lovely. Both then lapsed into a brief silence.

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