Foster parents needed in QCA


Davenport, IA (KWQC) More than 2,500 families in Iowa have opened up their hearts and homes to foster children. But some local agencies say, that’s just not enough. Representative from Kids Net Iowa say in 2015 – 196 Children were placed into foster care in Scott, Clinton, and Muscatine Counties.

Shelly Hansen is a foster care licensee, she says the number of kids who are left without a home is upsetting
“The highest number of kids that come in are 0 to 5 because they have the highest vulnerability they’re the children who aren’t able to protect themselves.” said Hansen.

Shelly then became a parent herself , adopting her son, David when he was 7 years old. David lived in 10 different foster families growing up, it’s a feeling he says he’ll never forget.

“It was rough,” David said. Because I didn’t get to stay there long, I didn’t know if they loved me or not or they just wanted me for the money and stuff.”

For Alyssa Valdez-Quinlan, her road to becoming a foster parent was a bit different. After battling uterine cancer for 6 years. She says foster care was her calling.

“Through 13 surgeries and last year I ended up losing my uterus and through that whole process of healing, Quinlan said.”That wasn’t the end of our road for us, we could still have children and we still help as many children.”

Foster parents say even if it’s temporarily, they open their homes to make an impact. And for kids who are in foster care. David Hansen, has some advice for you.

“It’s ok pretty soon, you’ll find a family hopefully and to just stay in there, it’s gonna be rough, just stay in there.”

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