Quad Cities homeless shelters prepare for cold

homeless shelter

QUAD CITIES (KWQC) – As the sun sets on a crisp 50 plus degree day, some will be thrust back into memories of frigid cold winter nights.

“People’s temperament and attitude, especially those that have been traumatized by having to sleep outside in a cold Midwest winter, is effected during this time, especially during the first couple of nights that it starts to get cold,” said Christie Adamson, director of services for Humility of Mary Shelter.

The temperature is expected to drop below freezing for the first time this fall season, and unfortunately for some homeless in the Quad Cities, that means cold nights ahead.

“I would love to say that our numbers are only high in times of it being cold out but unfortunately that’s not true,” Adamson said.

Humility of Mary in Davenport has been full throughout the summer months. Right now they have a waiting list of people hoping to get a space.

“Obviously turning them away and not being able to find another location for them is an absolute last option,” Adamson said.

Humility of Mary staff work with other shelters in the area to find someone a place to stay, but even that is not a guarantee.

“Since the first of this year though we’ve received over 600 hundred calls for service,” said Pam Hauman, outreach coordinator for Christian Care.

The Rock Island shelter is also at full capacity. Hauman said she only expects more requests.

“I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that we don’t have at least one request, if not more,” she said.

Although they can’t house everyone, Hauman said they can at least offer a warm place to have a bite to eat.

“We don’t turn anyone away if they’re coming through for a meal,” she said.

And both shelters are ready to provide warm clothing, if nothing else.

“We would provide any blankets or sleeping bags, anything that we can to help somebody stay safe,” Adamson said.

Both shelters take clothing donations throughout the year. Currently Humility of Mary is looking for XX winter coats or larger.

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