Brady Street drivers ready for construction to wrap up


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – More traffic changes are coming to Brady Street in Davenport as construction shifts to the east lanes.

Work will continue in the two right lanes between 7th and Lombard Streets through the end of the month.

Starting Nov. 14, all side streets to the east will be closed, with the exception of Locust Street.

The closures are set to last until the end of the week so crews can put down new asphalt.

Sewer repair work will also resume on Nov. 14 in the two left lanes of Brady Street between River Drive and 5th Street starting Nov. 14.

This is Stage 10 of the resurfacing project that began in the summer, which is why people who drive on Brady Street say it’s time for the construction to be done.

“Makes things a little complicated sometimes, but all you can do is take your time and get through it,” Tim Litty, who lives on 7th street about a block away from the construction, said.

Litty says it’s taken some getting used to.

Julio Dennis also lives in the area and is frustrated by the delays the construction is causing.

“A little irritated, you know when you have to go to work or you’re just trying to go to the store or something […] it’s a five-minute trip, but it takes half an hour,” Dennis said.

Litty and Dennis say they understand why the road work needs to be done, but they’re more than ready for work to finish up.

“It’s a real inconvenience, like when you have to go through back streets to like go to your destination when you could just took this road, but they’re still doing construction, but I mean it’s nice when they finish it,” Dennis said.

“I’m pretty much content as long as they get it done and they get it done quickly and get it out of our way so we can get back to normal,” Litty added.

The two agree they’re happy to know the end is near.

“Definitely anxious for it all to be done and actually for all of it to be done, but it’s Davenport, we always have road construction going on somewhere, pot holes getting fixed, but no I’m excited,” Dennis said.

The entire project will be finished sometime this spring.

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