QC organization helps raise funds for King’s Harvest


ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) – A local organization held a Thanksgiving dinner fundraiser to raise funds for King’s Harvest. For five dollars, guests could feast on a Thanksgiving meal at Skellington Manor.

Juice Box Charities is a non-profit organization, spearheaded by former Iowa Hawkeye Julian Vandervele. He explains that their goal is to help out local charities like King’s Harvest.

“We raise funds for other lesser known charities in the area that don’t get as much advertising or funding,” he says. “So that they can do what they do more effectively.”

Vandervele says when they heard about King’s Harvest, he saw it as an opportunity to bring the community together.

“We thought that this was something that we could do ourselves to give back to them,” he says.

King’s Harvest Assistant Director Brandi Anderson says she is grateful people took the time to help out the shelter.

“People go out of their way to think of us,” says Anderson. “This is wonderful that they take time out of their personal lives to help us out.”

Anderson also says King’s Harvest will be hosting volunteer trainings next week.



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