IL lawmakers head to Springfield with stopgap budget deadline looming


(KWQC)- A brief fall session is set to take place starting Tuesday in Springfield as the deadline for the stopgap budget is nearing.

The stopgap budget is set to end December 31st, and lawmakers only have six sessions until then. If the stopgap budget ends, key programs in Illinois will lose funding.

“This is everybody’s fault,” said State Senator Neil Anderson (R) 36th District. “Not just democrats or republicans, this is everybody’s fault.”

Senator Anderson says both sides need to find some sort of compromise.

“I think there’s enough rank and file guys like myself that are going to their leadership, and I will be doing this, and saying ‘listen, the election is over. The last two years are over. Everyone has constituents calling them whether they’re republicans or democrats and saying this needs to happen,'” he added.

TV6 reached out to other lawmakers, as of Monday afternoon Rep. Mike Smiddy and Rep. Pat Verschoore did not return our calls.

But, Representative Elect Mike Halpin did agree to an interview. Even though he won’t take office until January, he’s likely to face budget problems in the state, either when he first takes office or at the end of the fiscal year in June.

“My thought is to work with members of both parties, especially those here in downstate Illinois, to continue to find common ground to then put pressure on both parties leadership to get a deal done,” Halpin said.

Representative Elect Tony McCombie did answer a question via email.

“I have faith that those in office and especially those leaving office will put aside their personal agendas and will work together to pass a budget balanced for the people of Illinois,” Mccombie responded through her Communications Director via email. “Fully educating myself on the budget issues will be my first order of business. I will thoroughly study the budget and determine areas where positive change can be made to balance it.  I will work with my legislative partners regardless of party affiliation, and take the initiative to come up with a plan and be a part of a balanced resolution.”

House Speaker Madigan canceled a meeting with Governor Rauner and other leaders, saying he had a scheduling conflict.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, that meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.



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