Local health experts weigh in on parents talking to kids about the current political atmosphere


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Emotions remain high across the country after the 2016 Presidential Election. The question some parents may be dealing with, how much should they discuss with their children.

“If adults feel very passionate about things and are very explicit about their feelings, our children hear that,” said Clinical Director at Vera French, Chris McCormick Pries. “Where do they learn everything from? From the people in their environment.”

McCormick Pries encourages parents to remember that kids can be impacted by their reactions. But the Clinical Director also says politics is not a subject parents should stray from.

“What I do is I kinda go back to the basics,” said McCormick Pries. “Yes it’s okay to talk to kids about politics, it’s really important. I think it is also important to talk about what the issues are in politics.”

The Clinical Director provided TV6 with tips for parents on how to start the political conversation with their kids.

She says it’s important to sit and talk with a child if they have an emotional response to the election, or something in the political world. Parents should ask their child what that feeling “means to them.”

She says it can also be a teaching moment for parents. Politics is a topic in which parents can discuss communicating a message, political issues and movements, and proper behavior.

But McCormick Pries says it is equally important for adults to accept what they can’t control and try, instead, to directly impact their community.

“There are midterm elections, there are elections in four years and quite frankly there are things everyday in our community that we can do that should reflect our political platform and should reflect what our values and what our ideologies are,” said McCormick Pries. “Lets focus on those things.”

Finally, kids may be impacted by adults behavior or have questions, but the Clinical Director encourages parents to get their kids outside and away from social media and TV.


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