Fleece jackets made from plastic bottles keep kids warm this season


DAVENPORT, Ia. (KWQC.)- Neil Armstrong Elementary third-grader, Cierra Frazier, is now one of many kids from around the Quad Cities that will have a new fleece jacket to wear into the winter months.

“This [jacket] is really comfy and soft and I really like it. Inside it’s really soft and it will be really warm.”

But the fleece jackets donated from the organization, Keep America Beautiful, are unlike most. The 700 fleece coats were made from 25 plastic water bottles.

“We have water bottles that then have, gone through the whole recycling process, have gone to a manufacturer and then have become new material,” said Brandy Welvaert, Coordinator for the Waste Commission of Scott County. “They become polyester that is then made into coats.”

Coats for Kids has donated over 30,000 coats to those in need since starting in 1999. This year they’ll have 700 more fleece jackets to hand out thanks to the organization, on top of the donations they already have.

“It’s just a little extra thing we can do they can wear them inside, they can wear them outside like on milder days like today, and it’s just one more thing that they can get access to,” said Denise Zimmer, who helps organize Coats for Kids each year.

To donate a gently used coat to Coats for Kids, visit their website for more information.



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