New future for Twin Bridges Motor Inn


BETTENDORF, Iowa. (KWQC) — A developer is approaching the Bettendorf City Council with hopes to re-vamp the downtown hotel Twin Bridges Motor Inn.

The hotel has been run by the same owner for the last twenty years but the Bettendorf City Economic Development Director, Jeff Reiter said the owner is looking into selling the property. The owner has been working with a developer to come up with a price and plan for the future land.

Reiter said the plan right now is for a full demolition of the hotel, then building a new apartment complex on the property. This is a project the city seems to approve of. “We think that the modern design and the concepts that this developer proposes will add a lot of excitment and possibly draw a younger population,” said Reiter.

The proposed plan presented to the city council states the developer is committed to build a two-story apartment building with units ranging from studio to two bedroom, all for the price of $22 million. Reiter said the city has been trying to get the original owner to fix the place up for awhile and encouraging him to sell it if he can’t improve the building.

“We do know that it has it’s challenges both from a structural standpoint and a public safety standpoint,” said Reiter, “So there are a lot of concerns among downtown property owners about how it’s affecting their evaluations.”

The project should eliminate what some are calling an “eye sore.” Many business owners downtown said they had issues with some of the tenants at the hotel and were relieved to know it may be closing for good. Other business owners were concerned this project may lead the city to try to demolish other older buildings downtown, but Reiter said that isn’t the plan at this time.

“We do not have any plans to demolish or move forward with any sort of development of our own merit as the city, but we are certainly hopeful that future developers will come forth,” said Reiter.

If the project is passed by the city council you could see work start in the next few months. Reiter said the developer would like to break ground in the spring and hopefully finish the project by 2018.

Tenants are currently staying at the motel but Reiter said the county and community services are helping to relocate residents.

The city council will hold a public hearing for the project on Dec. 6, at 7 pm at City Hall. At this meeting the council will also read over the project’s ordinance for a second time.

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