Waiting for closure: one family still searching for missing loved one


CLINTON, Iowa. (KWQC) — The Roseland family will celebrate another birthday without their loved one, Ben Roseland, who has been missing for nearly eight years.

This time of the year is hard for the Roselands. Theresa Roseland said Nov. 24 is her son’s birthday and he still hasn’t been heard from since 2008.

Ben Roseland graduated from Clinton High School then began to work full time while taking classes at Clinton Community College. Then on Feb. 9, 2008, the 19-year-old disappeared.

“They ended up going somewhere other than where they were supposed to go and he never came home again,” said Theresa Roseland.

Family and friends spend the next few weeks searching near the 400 block of 10th Ave South in Clinton. This was the last spot Ben Roseland was spotted. Witnesses said he left that location to go to Hyvee but never made it there.

After months of searching, the trial went cold. Nearly 8 years later the Roseland family is still trying to figure out the mystery. Ben Roseland’s sister Audra Isenhart doesn’t believe her brother would just run away.

“He was never one to just take off, like you know some teenagers are like that, they will just go without saying anything but not Ben,” said Isenhart, “He would always touch base.”

Theresa Roseland believes something happened to her son. “Foul play, I think somebody did something and nobody is talking,” said Theresa Roseland.

After all this time the only evidence found was Ben’s shoes which were found blocks apart during search efforts in the south-side of Clinton. This leaves many unanswered questions floating around the Roseland house. “The worst thing that happens when people go missing and you’re in this situation is honestly the not knowing,” said Isenhart.

Helen Roseland, Ben Roseland’s younger sister, said each day she thinks about her brother. “It’s like not knowing where the milk is every day and you want cereal,” said Helen Roseland.

Each day family members wonder what happened, and wait for “the call” that could change it all. “You know, I sit in his old chair, and you know, I’m right across from his old room,” said Helen Roseland, “I still live here and touch the tree that he grew right here every day.”

The family can’t get closure and said they aren’t sure if they ever will. “You open a cycle of grief that’s for sure, that never get’s to close because you don’t know,” said Isenhart.

The Roselands are plagued by rumors circulating the town about his whereabouts, but no real clues as to where he could be. “Somebody knows something whether he decided to leave or whether something bad happened to him even if it was just a mistake or an accident, “said Isenhart, “Somebody somewhere, knows something, he had to talk to somebody.”

These rumors range from outlandish stories to what could have happened.  “Even little rumors help piece it together, that’s really like all anything is, rumors and little puzzle pieces,” said Helen Roseland.

Pieces still aren’t enough to put the whole puzzle together but the family is not giving up. “We’re still here, we’re still searching and we’re not going to stop searching until we get our answers,” said Isenhart.

Over time the family has raised enough money to hold a $3,000 reward for anyone who can lead the police to Ben Roseland.

The Clinton Police Department is handling the case and should be contacted with any information regarding what happened. The Clinton Police Department can be reached at (563) 243-1455.

“Don’t forget about him, because we haven’t,” said Helen Roseland.

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