An Underwater Haven


BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) — The ocean is closer than you think. Especially at Coral Haven in Bettendorf. It is an underwater landscape which changes, grows, lives and breathes.

A salt water aquarium shop with plenty of exotic fish from far off places. Indonesia. Australia. The Philippines.

Owner Joe Eckman grew up in California. He has a love for the ocean and for scuba diving. His passion translated into an aquatic business.

The aquariums are designed to create an environment for fish which is similar to the ocean. Lighting replicates sunshine. The filtration system mimics the natural filtration in the sea.

Eckman feeds the fish three to four times a day. He tests the water quality. The colors of fish, the coral reefs, and stingray hiding in the sand capture your attention.

Eckman thinks this wonderful underwater world is soothing and attractive. It will keep fish lovers occupied for hours. Proof that the ocean is closer than you think!

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