Iowa kids form Joyologist Club to help end political fighting


CARLISLE, Iowa (KWQC) – Need something to smile about after all the election rhetoric? Some sixth graders are trying to stop all of the arguing and fighting they’ve been seeing during this presidential election.

They belong to what’s called a Joyologist Club at at their school in Carlisle, which is southeast of Des Moines. The students are trying to spread joy to their classmates and come up with ways to reach out to those who might still feel uncomfortable.
Although they want everybody to stop and think about how they talk and act towards each other, the group’s young leader admits it can be a challenge.

“We’re trying to like get the drama to go away, but like, it’s kind of hard to get everybody to stop,” said Addie Morlan, a self-described joyologist.

These young joyologists say they wish the adults would “grow up” and spread joy, like they are trying to do.

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