New businesses help economic growth in Davenport


DAVENPORT, Ia. (KWQC)- Many new businesses are opening throughout the city of Davenport. Alison Farrier, owner of Carousel of Delights, has spent the last 10 months preparing. The French Pastry Chef moved from France to Davenport to open her French bakery. Since opening day, just three weeks ago, Farrier said she’s been busier than she ever thought.

“In the first day I sold out in an hour and a half and every day since then I have sold out about two to three hours before I close so it’s just been amazing, everybody has just loved everything.”

However, Carousel of Delights isn’t the only newer business in the city. RAW, in downtown Davenport had its grand opening Wednesday night and Baked Bread and Beer Company is set to open in the East Village this weekend. Head of Economic Development, Susanne Knutsen, said the growth of businesses helps both the economy and job creation.

“Our goal is to have new jobs created by that business owner, or by the employees that they will hire, so while it’s great to have a new place to eat or a new place to shop at, it’s truly fantastic that there are people that can go there, and have an excellent job day in and day out and that’s really the win in the end.”

City officials said they hope that business growth continues into the next year.

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