RICO looking to cut more than $1 million from general fund


ROCK ISLAND CO., Ill. (KWQC) – Another round of budget meetings in the books for Rock Island Co., and more than $700 thousand cuts proposed for the sheriff’s department.

Tonight, Nov. 16, Rock Island Co. Administrator Dave Ross presented nearly $1.5 million worth of cuts between 14 county departments.

“The numbers presented tonight are all reductions in the general fund,” Ross said.

This is the second of three meeting for the Budget and Finance Committee as they work to finalize a budget for FY2017.

“So these are going to be cuts to capital, these are going to be cuts to personal these are going to be cuts to maintenance items,” Ross said.

If approved, nearly half of those cuts will come from the Sheriff’s Office.

The recommended cuts total $1,469,688. More than $710,149 thousand will come from the Sheriff’s Department, followed by nearly $147,357 cut from Court Services and $132,828 from the Circuit Clerk.

The dollar amounts are a different look at cuts recommended last week. In last Thursday’s budget meeting, Nov. 10, Ross recommended Capital Improvement Projects be cut for the next two years, and 35 jobs be cut from public safety.

“At this point now that we’re down to actually implementing it I can’t say how many cuts there’s going to be,” he said. “It’s going to be up to all of the officials.”

The Finance and Budget Committee Chair Richard Brunk recommended his committee to move forward with the new plan – getting rid of all FY2017 capital improvement projects and cutting nearly 1.5 million from the general fund.

“The fact that all the county-wide elected officials and department heads are on-board with the plan, I’m in agreement with the administrative that this is our best option,” Ross said.

The committee will meet again Tuesday, Nov. 22, to confirm the new budget book for FY2017.

If they choose to recommend this budget to the board, the board will have a week to review it before a final vote on Nov. 29.

Click here: for the full list of Capital Improvement Projects

Breakdown of recommended department cuts:

Office/Department                   Reduction

Auditor                                   $46,915

Court Services                        $147,357

Recorder                                $109,841

Public Defender                      $102,312

State’s Attorney                      $107,409

County Clerk                          $49,280

Circuit Clerk                           $132,828

Sheriff’s Office                       $710,149

Animal Control                        $7,752

Zoning                                   $22,000

Assessor                               $1,400

County Maintenance               $2,500

General County                      $17,000

Human Resources                  $12,925

Total                                     $1,469,668

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