“Suck it up buttercup” new bill as a result of post-election protests


QUAD CITIES, Iowa (KWQC) — Protests around the country and in the the Quad Cities come after a controversial presidential election and inspired a local state representative to create a new bill for protesters.

Republican Iowa State Representative Bobby Kaufmann, was upset when he saw the Iowa City protest. He said when students blocked off the interstate it created a dangerous situation. If an ambulance needed to get to the hospital, he said it would not have made it.

“Where I have big issues, is when your protesting puts constituents and puts people in danger, and it didn’t happen this time but go forbid someone would be or was rushed to the hospital,” said Kaufmann.

This leads to the creation of a bill called “suck it up buttercup” which explains that protesters can’t block an intersection if it causes bodily harm to another person. It also sets up a more defined criteria when this law is broken.

The bill seems to have mixed opinions, with the Iowa Democratic Party not supporting it. The party issued a statement saying this bill violates rights under the constitution.

The second part of the bill addresses funding for what Kaufmann calls “cry rooms.” He doesn’t want public universities spending extra money on rooms for college students to go to when they are upset with an election. Kaufmann is still investigating to see if any state schools in Iowa are doing this.

“If it’s zero for each school then that part of the bill will go away but I had constituents saying hey this is happening at other universities across the country,” said Kaufmann.

The bill will be introduced in January.

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