Bettendorf mother speaks out against suicide, in honor of late daughter


BETTENDORF, Ia. (KWQC)- Christine Schmidt said the guilt is never-ending.

“As a parent, the constant ‘why didn’t I see this? Why did I leave her alone, why did this happen? The blame and the guilt was incredible and the pain is something that is so deep I have never felt anything like it in my life.”

Her daughter, Morgan, was a 7th-grader at Pleasant Valley Junior High when she first noticed something wasn’t right. Morgan called her mom from school one day and said she didn’t feel well. Later that night Christine had discovered Morgan tried to take take her own life.

“I asked her why would you do this? And she said ‘I am just so sick of all the drama, I am just tired of it and I am just done.'”

Morgan was rushed to the University of Iowa Hospital where she spent a week in the Psychiatric Unit. While there, Morgan was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and sent back home.

“I really was speechless and shock because at first you wonder what could have possibly happened that was so bad or so big that you would want to end your life? And it all just happened so fast.”

Several days later, Morgan ended her life.

“Suicide is so powerful, depression is so powerful that it can literally reach inside your world and take a part of your own soul with it when you lose a child like this.”

Almost three years later, Christine now makes it her mission to prevent any other parent or family from experiencing what they went through. Christine started the “It’s All Love, Only Love Coalition Inc.” to spread awareness and help end child suicide. The mother travels across the country speaking with both parents and kids, telling Morgan’s story and spreading a message to “be kind always.”

“If we can save just one kid, to try and make up for Morgan than her death won’t be in vein.”


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