Bill to keep QC Exelon plant open has sticking points, local lawmaker is confident it will pass


(KWQC)- The Future Energy Jobs Bill passed a House Committee on Tuesday and will head to the House floor after amendments are added.

State Senator Neil Anderson is hopeful the bill will pass.

“I’m hopeful that as much work as we’ve done over the past year, that getting down to the eleventh hour here, that we can get something done,” Senator Anderson (R) 36th District said.

In the eleventh hour, the bill to keep Exelon Quad Cities and Clinton Plants open does have some sticking points.

Some opponents of the bill are stuck on demand rates, which would change the way an energy bill is made.

Instead of being billed for the amount of energy used monthly, it would depend more on what times consumers use energy. At higher demand times, consumers pay more.

Some clean energy groups also say the bill would eliminate solar access in the state by not allowing those with personal solar panels to sell excess energy back to the grid.

The Future Energy Jobs Bill would also introduce microgrids, which would be smaller sub-grids that can hook up or break off the main grid at any given time.

Senator Anderson says it’s all about leveling the playing field with nuclear energy and other clean energy forms.

Adding that before the bill hits the house floor, a lot of lawmakers will be negotiating before convening after Thanksgiving.

“It’s s not one point or another, I mean sure there are a couple of things that more people dislike than others,” Anderson said, “But, almost every point of that bill, somebody opposes and somebody likes. You can go down the line vice versa.”

The Illinois General Assembly will reconvene November 29th and 30th, and December 1st.

Lawmakers also have to pass a budget in that short time.


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