Clinton County Law Center brings changes for visitors


CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) — The new law center project in Clinton County is underway and creating some changing that will impact staff and visitors.

This $22 million project will create a new law center in the parking lot of the courthouse. The new center will be up-to-date and create a safer workplace for staff.

Corey Johnson, Building Maintenance Supervisor, said his staff currently have to interact with inmates. “Right now my staff actually has to enter into a cell block to work on the cells, actually in where the inmates are,” said Johnson.

The improvements will create a separate space for maintenance staff to work. Johnson said this gives him a peace of mind.

“They physically won’t have the hands-on with inmates where we have to get a correctional officer for us to go into a cell block,” said Johnson.

Between the upgrades and the separation between staff and inmates, County Auditor, Eric Van Lancker, said the project was needed.

“We wouldn’t have done it unless we had to and we knew we had to address our current jail and law center setup,” said Van Lancker, “we knew that structure was getting very into it’s usefulness.”

With construction underway, new changes are in-store for those who use the building. The first big change is parking. Crews are paving a new small parking lot for visitors to use on the side of the courthouse. If that lot is full visitors will have to park over at lot at the Ashford University Field.

Staff are told they must park over at the Ashford University lot and they can then ride a shuttle bus over to the center or walk. The shuttle will also be available for visitors to catch a ride over. This parking arrangement starts on Nov. 28, and will be enforced for the duration of the project.

You can view the process of the project online at the Clinton County website:

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