New Outreach Center gives back to veterans



Davenport, IA (KWQC)  The new Veterans Outreach Center opened up it’s doors for the first time Saturday, November 19th, giving away food to veterans in need. The center, located on 250 W 35th Street wanted to provide the veterans with food for the holiday season. Veterans outreach organizer, Lola VanDeWalle says it was her plan to open up shop around this time of the year, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

“It’s where we be able to assist everybody that just needs that little extra assistance, and it’s not, I don’t want people to feel like their coming here for a free handout, this is a service for them, this is a thank you for serving us it’s our turn to serve you.” said VanDeWalle

Residents from all over the QCA donated, cereal, soup, bread and other non-perishable items to the cause. Military veterans from the Bluegrass Legion who also participated in today’s festivities say a center designed to help fellow service men and woman in the QC area, is another step in the right direction.

“I think it’s fantastic, because we seem to be finding more and more homeless veterans and we don’t seem to be able to reach them all and this is just another avenue for them to get into contact, help themselves and get back on their feet.” said Vietnam war veteran Wayne Craft.

The Quad Cities veterans outreach center is also provides services such as housing assistance, job placement programs and counseling. For more information on how to help or donate, contact



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