Local turkey farmer ready for Thanksgiving


LONG GROVE, Iowa (KWQC) – Thanksgiving is just a few days away and for more than 30 years Chuck Brockmann has been helping others prepare for the big day.

“The first time we did it, we had maybe six and then friends of friends told people and then it was 12 and we try [to] raise 400,” Brockmann said.

Just one live turkey remains on his farm.

“A young man gets a collection of different kinds of turkeys and put them in downtown Dixon [Iowa] for people to see and I saved that one for him,” Brockmann said.

The rest have been processed and are sitting on a truck, waiting to be picked up and made into the centerpiece of the big Thanksgiving meal.

“We try not to disappoint anybody so it works out well,” Brockmann said.

Over the last three decades, Brockmann says many of his turkey customers have become his friends.

“Some of our regular customers don’t come every year, they come every other year because of the way their family works, but yeah, they’re all repeat customers and then there’s always somebody who told somebody else,” he said.

Outside of turkeys, Brockmann raises cattle, ducks and geese. He also grows corn and beans with his son.

“It keeps me busy, I’m retired, but I’m not retired,” he said with a chuckle.

He says while the markets aren’t looking the greatest for farmers this year, he still enjoys raising and selling turkeys.

“Am I in it to make a million? No, no, I won’t,” Brockmann said. “My son always used to give me a hard time about, ‘I know that business operates in the red,’ well it may have a couple [of] years, but we have fun doing it.”

He says he’s glad he’s able to help others have a good holiday.

“I hope everybody has a happy Thanksgiving and I hope its a happier Thanksgiving because we furnished a fresh turkey for you,” Brockmann said.

Brockmann says he usually sells all his turkeys for Thanksgiving, but if there are any extras, he donates them to Sister Ludmilla’s or the Salvation Army.

He says he sells about 400 turkeys every year, but he is about 30 to 40 turkeys short this year, after a weasel got into his flock.

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