Preemption United Methodist Church celebrates 175 years


PREEMPTION, Ill (KWQC)– A local church is celebrating its 175th anniversary this weekend.

The Preemption United Methodist Church in Preemption, Illinois first held services in 1841 with just six members.

Now, around 200 attend the rural church.

To celebrate the anniversary, church members created a display with old photos and memorabilia for other members to look at.

Saturday, a hog roast was held followed by a historical program.

Members say it’s incredible the church is still so strong after so many years.

“I believe our church has survived 175 years because we’ve cared a lot about the community around us and reaching out to them,” said Donna Gresch. “We have also had many missions across the world and the United States that we have supported throughout the years. We are a very loving church, a very kind church, and we welcome anyone.”


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