Thanksgiving side dishes with a twist

Paula Sands Live


Jeff Grunder, chef at the Machine Shed, cooks up some hearty side dishes that are perfect for holiday gatherings.


Creamed Turnips

4 lbs of Peeled Turnips – cubed in 1 inch pieces                 1 medium onion minced

Water                                                                                             4 cups whole milk

Salt                                                                                                  ½ lb melted margarine

1 cup flour                                                                                     1 T ground mustard

1 cup white wine                                            2 cups reserved liquid from cooked  turnips

Dash of tabasco                                                            Salt and pepper to taste

2 cups shredded cheddar                                           1 T worcheshire


In a large stock pot cover turnips and diced onion and bring to a boil – when edentate- drain liquid – reserve 2 cups of the liquid. Place cooked turnips in a 9 x13

Sprayed Pyrex. In that same pot add margarine and melt then make a roux by adding flour. Remove from pot and set aside. Then add milk and liquid from turnips and white wine bring to a simmer . Thicken with roux adding all other items mustard, tabasco, worcheshire salt and pepper to taste. Pour this mixture over the turnips and mixing  softly . Bake in oven for 30 minutes covered then uncover and top with cheese and bake for 10 minutes




Cream of Mushroom Soup


1 lb sliced mushrooms                                                                1 T chopped garlic

¼ cup minced onion                                                                  2 T margarine

¼ cup cooking sherry                                                                ½ lb melted margarine

1 cup flour                                                                                     2 cups water

2 ounces beef base                                                                      salt

Pepper                                                                                            1 teaspoon Montreal seasoning

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