Turkeys on display for Thanksgiving in Dixon

Turkeys on display for Thanksgiving in Dixon

DIXON, Iowa (KWQC) – At the bottom of the hill in Dixon, Iowa, next to the lonely Pepsi machine, are a dozen turkeys that will not be on the Thanksgiving dinner table this year.

Kerry Meyer started the display five years ago, gathering birds from all over Iowa and Illinois.

“I don’t raise them, but I find them and travel a couple hundred miles to get some,” Meyer said. “I look for the real pretty birds, different kinds, colorful and some that talk.”

He says it’s something people of all ages can enjoy.

“They don’t even have to get out of your car, you can just drive along here and look at them all,” Meyer said.

I like that they say ‘gobble gobble,'” Kody Schroeder, of Dixon said. “I like that they have different colors,” Kody’s sister, Natalie Schroeder added.

Some catch a glimpse as they drive by, others stop to say hi.

“The DOT [Department of Transportation] says there’s 12, 1,300 cars that go up and down this hill everyday, so pretty much every time I come to town, there’s somebody here looking at the turkeys,” Meyer said.

The display has become a tradition many say they can’t imagine their Thanksgiving without.

“I think everyone just kind of comes to expect it and i hope they continue this,” Katie Schroeder, of Dixon, said.

Meyer started a bunny display for Easter this year, and he says he plans to do that again next year as well as the turkey display.

Turkeys will be on display until Sunday, Nov. 27, then Meyer will sell the turkeys.

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