DAPL protest march to banks

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

(KWQC) Davenport, IA  Josephine Ironshield is doing what she can to fight against the pipeline project. She stands with other local protesters in Davenport. But she knows the real battle is in North Dakota, where she has family members on the front line.

“It makes me worry about them a lot,” said Ironshield.  “Everyday it’s usually a process, get up in the morning and get on the phone and make sure my cousins, and nephews are all accounted for, and it’s becoming a habit that I don’t like.”

She says she’s constantly asking herself the same question everyday, ‘why can’t my people get protected.’

“These people have no firearms they have no weapons, you know all they do is go to the front line everyday with peace and prayer and hope that it’ll be stopped.”

But in the meantime, she is doing what she can to put a spotlight on the project and the banks who protesters say are financing the project – Wells Fargo and US Bank.

It makes me pretty angry, I don’t like to put my money into corporations that support that type of thing

“We wanted to alert people, and especially their customers who probably don’t know the fact that these two out of the many banks do have natural ties to DAPL.” said Sage Sister of Solidarity, Regina Tsosie.

Protesters say they won’t give up the fight because they say there is too much on the line.

“Just a small break can do so much damage, to the entire water source and millions of people depend on that and I just don’t think it’s worth putting money into trying to put that in jeopardy.” said Tom White, a DAPL protester from Montana

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