UPDATE: Departure of Rhythm City Casino Boat delayed


UPDATE 11/26 2:40 pm: The boat has officially left! KWQC received reports that the boat passed the Centennial bridge and it is no longer visible on our Sky Cam.

UPDATE 11/26: The Rhythm City Casino boat’s departure has been delayed again.

Initially, the boat left the dock sometime between 1:00 and 1:30 on Saturday. However, crews say that once the boat was in deeper water, it began experiencing more problems.

The boat is now returning to the dock while crews assess the problems. They say that if these problems can’t be entirely resolved, the boat may have to be towed.

UPDATE 11/25: A person in charge of the barge and overseeing the Rhythm City Casino Boat tells KWQC the boat will not depart tonight due to technical problems. We are working to get more information.

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – There is a short delay in the departure of the old Rhythm City riverboat casino in Davenport. The casino moved to a land-based complex near I-74 and I-80 in Davenport this past June. The riverboat had already been sold to an unnamed buyer, but wasn’t allowed to move because of high river levels.


With better conditions, the boat was set to sail around noon, Nov. 25, 2016. Now, it is scheduled to depart around 8 p.m. A spokesperson says they will conduct sea trials at 2 p.m. to ensure the boat can safely make the trip.

The boat has been moored on Davenport’s riverfront since March, 2001, when it replaced the President Riverboat Casino, which first opened in 1991.

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