Dead? Or Alive?


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Students in Room 341 at Davenport Central High School take the classical approach. Eighty five year old Joe Scott is the teacher.

In this class, Greek and Latin take precedence. The six students are taking Introduction to Classical Languages.

Don’t tell Scott or the students classical languages are dead. They are busy discussing imperative mood and direct object. Neuter pronouns and accusative case.

Scott refers to these languages as mental gymnastics. He encourages kids to memorize, memorize, memorize. The handful of kids in the class think studying classical languages is a great way to improve their vocabulary and sentence structure.

It is something unique. A class where students write and recite. Even learning terms which apply to the fields of medicine and law.

Scott started teaching the course years ago at Davenport West High School. He has never lost his love for both languages. He teaches the class at Central five days a week.

Whether it’s alpha or omega. Perhaps carpe diem. The classical languages in Room 341 are alive and kicking!

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