Police name missing Clinton hunters; investigation moves to ‘recovery phase’


CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) – Clinton police have identified the two missing hunters who went missing Saturday.

They are Tyler Steeg and Keegan Rasmussen, both 22-years old and from Clinton.

“We recovered the boat with two long guns in it and evidence of people who had recently been in it,” says Clinton Chief of Police, Kevin Gyrion.

Chief Gyrion adds both men were experienced hunters, equipped with survival techniques, and who knew the area.

Throughout the weekend, agencies assisted Clinton police with both land and water search.

“We searched as best we can, we used all the resources we can, but with negative results so far,” Chief Gyrion says.

The investigation has now moved into recovery phase, which police say means they’ve searched as much as their resources have allowed.

“We have to wait until the river cooperates and we’ll search the surface areas for any sign of the missing young men,” he explains.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources have aided the police with searching the water. Officials say even the most seasoned hunters need to be wary of weather conditions.

“Cold air temperatures, cold water temperatures, you have to prepare for those conditions,” says Lucas Webinger.

Webinger also adds anyone hunting with a boat should always wear a life vest or a personal flotation device.

“You just want to prepare when conditions can turn bad like this, you want to prepare and have the appropriate clothing,” Webinger says.

Police say they have especially appreciated the outpouring of support from the community.

“It’s a tragic situation but it affects families very differently,” says Chief Gyrion. “The outpouring of support shows that [the boys] are very loved and very close with family and very cared for people.”

Upwards of 200 civilians have assisted police with search efforts.

“We’ve talked to the family and we’re trying to console the family and help the family and tell the family we’re doing everything we can to locate the missing men,” says Chief Gryion.

Authorities will continue the search in the next few days, with Clinton Fire Department surveying the river and Clinton Police and DNR doing ground based investigations.

Anyone with any information that may assist in location these two men are asked to call the Clinton Police Department at 563-243-1458.


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