Tips for Cyber Monday shoppers

Cyber Monday

(KWQC) – Black Friday came and went, along with the crowds, but next up for the holiday season, Cyber Monday.

This “holiday’ has really blended in to a bigger shopping experience. Some Cyber Monday deals even began on Black Friday, further blurring the lines between shopping days.

“The way Black Friday’s really changing is that it’s not just one day it is these five days of savings.” said RetaiMeNot spokesperson, Sara Skirboll,

The National Retail Federation (NRF) is expecting 122 million shoppers to check out deal online this Cyber Monday. That number is an increase from 2015, when 121 million people hopped online to shop.

Experts say you should have a strategy. Some tips include taking advantage of free shipping and returns, signing-up for price alerts from your favorite stores, and even searching online for deals when you are out physically shopping.

“You’re gonna see more retailers putting together strategies that converge both the online shopping and the physical store shopping,” said RetailNext spokesperson, Shelley Kohan.

Experts also recommend holding off on buying toys until the second week in December, when retailers need to push their inventory.

If you’re thinking about buying a coat as a gift, you might want to think twice. Experts also say warn weather gear drops even further in price after New Years.

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