Bobby’s Best Buddy


DELMAR, Iowa (KWQC) — Seven year old Bobby Seaberg and his buddy Oliver are just about inseparable. Oliver is a one year old golden retriever. Bobby was born with cerebral palsy. The two have a special bond.

Chris and Ron Shanahan own Iron Hill Retrievers in Delmar. They are breeders of golden retrievers.

A few months ago they discovered Bobby wanted a dog. He planned to name the dog Oliver. Amazingly, just so happens the Shanahans have a dog named Oliver.

So, Chris and Ron decided to foster the dog to the Seabergs. Bobby is learning responsibility because he feeds and cares for Oliver at the Seaberg home in Maquoketa.

Tonya Seaberg says God had a hand in bringing the dog and her son together. She says when Bobby has a tough day at school, Oliver is right there at home to comfort Bobby. She has seen a lot more joy in her son’s life since Oliver arrived.

The dog has its therapy dog certification. Oliver is about fourteen months old and is training to become an emotional support dog.

Oliver even wears Bobby’s dress tie on occasion. A boy and his buddy. Friends forever.

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