Davenport construction projects impact local businesses


DAVENPORT, Ia. (KWQC)- Ongoing construction on Brady Street has caused headaches for many drivers. The project is being completed in multiple phases and should be completed entirely by spring. However, one business owner said she wishes the project had been completed much sooner. Jan Amyette owns Donuts & More located on Brady Street and said the construction has impacted sales.

“It’s not good we just kind of have big throw aways at the end of the day often times because people couldn’t get in, we never know each day where they are going to be working exactly,” said Amyette. “We don’t know if our entrance is going to be open that day or maybe not open or partially open or whatever so everyday is just a gamble.”

Amayette said the cones and construction work has made it difficult for customers to find the entryway to the store. Nicole Randall can relate to her frustrations. Randall’s restaurant, Jimmy’s King Gyros, is on Harrison Street and took a major hit when constructed was being completed there nearly a year ago.

“It was very difficult for the customers to come in, they shut down the first two lanes into our business to where they would have to make a 90 degree angle to come in and a lot of customers didn’t feel safe with that exit, it was very difficult.”

Although construction on Harrison Street is completed, Randall said her business continues to suffer. Meanwhile, Amyette hopes the new construction near Donuts & More will breath new life into the area.

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