Progress on energy bill aimed to keep Quad Cities nuclear plant open


SPRINGFIELD, Ill (KWQC) – New developments on a bill to keep the Quad Cities nuclear power plant open. The Illinois House Energy Committee spent the morning hours Tues., Nov, 29, 2016 discussing a slimmed down version of the bill. It passed on a 10 to 1 vote and now heads to the House floor, pending any major changes.

After major revisions negotiated last week, the bill no longer includes a coal support program and it also scaled back the support for nuclear power plants in the Quad Cities Clinton, Illinois. Originally, it was proposed to include up to $285 million for the two plants. That’s been trimmed by $50 million to $235 million. It’s also important to understand that if prices improve for the plants, that subsidy goes down. Also, the bill extends the lives of the two nuclear plants. Originally, the bill would have provided subsidies for six years. That’s been increased to ten.

The bill will also need to clear the Senate. The senate public utilities committee is scheduled to discuss the amended bill on Wed., Nov. 30.

KWQC reporter Mark Stevens is in Springfield and will continue to track changes and updates on the bill as it moves through the Fall Veto Session.

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