Drawn To Lady Louise

Fran Riley Feature


BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) — She brings a touch of Europe to her work. Maureen Broussalian lived in France for three years. Now, the Bettendorf illustrator is sharing some of that culture in a children’s book about a French Poodle named Lady Louise.

The book features about fifty of Maureen’s illustrations. Children will recognize the Eiffel Tower, French cafés, and several other aspects of the French culture. The book is titled: “Lady Louise, Adventures in Paris.”

The French poodle learns about customs and manners in France. Karen Petit is the author. She lives in South Carolina. Lady Louise is her real life poodle. Her companion dog. Petit rescued her.

Broussalian’s illustrations are colorful and give children the opportunity to use their imaginations. They create a sense of adventure. It takes Maureen several hours to complete an illustration in the comfort of her Bettendorf home studio.

Lady Louise reminds children the world is a good place. There are many people to embrace. People who come from unique backgrounds. A self- taught illustrator, Broussalian believes there is joy in the journey.
She thinks illustrating for children is a privilege. Illustrations are her pet project!

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