Preventing package theft this holiday season


DAVENPORT, Ia. (KWQC)- With record-breaking numbers of Cyber Monday sales, many are expecting packages to arrive at their homes any day. However, these deliveries can give thieves the opportunity to steal packages right from doorsteps. Davenport resident, Beth Swanson, is familiar with this experience, her husband’s package was stolen during this time three years ago.

“They said well it’s been delivered, and that’s when we realized somebody had probably stolen it off the porch because it never made it from the porch to inside.”

However, the Swanson family isn’t alone. A report shows 23 million Americans have packages stolen before they even open them. With the number of deliveries increasing during this time of year law enforcement is warning anyone expecting online deliveries to monitor their shipments closely.

“As we present opportunities to criminals they’re going to take advantage of that opportunity whether it be a door left open, or a package on the porch,” said Sgt. Mark Berger with the Davenport Police Department.

Sgt. Berger advises those expecting packages to keep an eye out for the delivery the day it’s expected to come. If you’re ordering from a larger retailer often times there’s an option to ship the item to the store, rather than a home. Some tracking sites also allow users to set an “alert” so that they are notified when the package arrives on the doorstep. The Davenport Police Department say they will continue to patrol neighborhoods throughout the holiday season looking for unfamiliar vehicles and suspicious activity.

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