Cordova and Erie residents explain tough week amid fate of Exelon bill


ROCK ISLAND CO., Ill. (KWQC) – The fate of the Future Energy Jobs Bill sat in the hands of Illinois legislatures. It’s a fact that has left some across the Quad Cities Community on edge.

“It affects every aspect of our life,” said Sue Habel.

For the Cordova library director Exelon is not just the place where her husband works.

“Exelon supports the library,” she said. “They cover 90 percent of my budget.”

Habel has served the community and library for the past 16 years. She said what’s next for Exelon doesn’t just impact the power plant workers, but the entire community.

“They pay $8 million worth of taxes to Rock Island County alone,” she explained. “That’s a huge amount of money.”

And she’s not the only one that’s been waiting anxiously.

“We get asked all the time, ‘have you heard anything, has it passed, you know what’s the latest on it,’” the library director said. “People ask all the time, every day, multiple times every day.”

It’s been a similar situation inside the hallways at Erie Schools.

“Every teacher today was really watching it very closely,” said football coach and teacher Chuck Mailem.

He said much of the staff has been concerned.

“We depend on Exelon,” the coach said. “It really supports our school system and it supports our town.”

Both Mailem and Habel said they’ve followed the bill’s progression closely.

“I’ve been on capitol facts watching all the announcements on capitol facts,” Habel said.

“And when it’s down we follow Mark Stevens who’s on twitter who’s giving us some good insight at this point,” Mailem said.

Now they are ready for a week full of unknowns to come to a close.

“There’s a lot of worry, a lot of anxiety from this bill,” Mailem said.

The Illinois House and Senate did pass the bill tonight, Dec. 1, 2015.

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