QC Chamber: Call and urge Illinois lawmakers to sign Future Energy Jobs Bill


QUAD CITIES (KWQC) — The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce sent out a call to action to the community to urge state leaders to sign the Future Energy Jobs Bill. Exelon says the bill would help secure the Cordova nuclear plant’s future in the Quad Cities.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner agreed on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, to sign the Future Energy Jobs Bill as amended. On Thursday, December 1, 2016, the revised bill faced new hurdles.

The Chamber sent a request out to Quad Citians to contact the Governor’s office and urge him to sign the bill. In the media release, the chamber included three suggestions that callers could use to convey their message to lawmakers.

Option #1: I’m calling to urge Governor Rauner (or Leader Radogno or Leader Durkin alternatively) to support the Future Energy Jobs Bill. I live in the Quad Cities and we have thousands of jobs on the line with this bill – and cannot afford to put families out of work in Illinois. Please help us maintain our strong economy by passing and signing the bill. Thank you.

Option #2: I’m calling from the Quad Cities to request that Governor Rauner support the Future Energy Jobs Bill that will maintain Illinois’ competitive electric rates, preserve and create thousands of jobs and expand clean energy. This bill is important to retaining 4,200 good-paying jobs in the Quad Cities and preserving $1.2 billion in economic activity generated by the plants. We are counting on the Governor to pass and sign the bill. Thank you.

Option #3: I’m calling to voice my strong support for the Future Energy Jobs bill and encourage Governer Rauner to do the same. I cannot stress enough the impact of this legislation on our region – on local businesses, our tax rates, our utility costs and on individual families who work at Exelon. Please let the Governor know that there are thousands of people behind this legislation…and we are asking him to get behind it, too. So, please pass the Future Energy Jobs Bill today. Thanks.

Governor Rauner: 217-782-0244
Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno: 217-782-9407
House Republican Leader Jim Durkin: 217-782-0494

The Chamber also said it was important that House Speaker Mike Madigan and House Majority Leader John Cullerton keep the bill’s language focused on energy issues only. They say it’s “imperative that other important issues such as prevailing wage are dealt with but not included as part of this bill.”

Here’s the sample message they supplied:

Sample Message: I’m calling from the Quad Cities to urge Speaker Madigan (or Leader Cullerton, alternately) to pass the Future Jobs Bill. This is a big deal for our region and we are asking that the bill stay focused on the energy issues – and that you deal with prevailing wage another time, in another bill, so that this one can pass quickly. Thank you.

House Speaker Mike Madigan: 217-782-5350
House Majority Leader Cullerton: 217-782-2728

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