Social service agency impacted by Illinois budget crisis


MOLINE, Il. (KWQC)- Saturday local elected officials and community leaders met to discuss the impact that the Illinois budget woes have had on families and social service agencies in the area. Family Resources, a support center for families and victims of domestic violence, said they are considering making major changes to their program due to the lack of funding. President, Mary Macumber-Schmidt, said it’s a problem they have been dealing with for a while.

“Both for survivors and other social service providers we are extremely concerned, because we know that to support these families it really takes a network of these safety providers.”

If a budget is not decided on by December 31, the resource center will be forced to make major changes. According to Family Resources, they will lose $324,000 worth of funding, 10,000 direct service hours will be cut and they will no longer be able to serve two-thirds of their clients. Macumber-Schmidt said the budget is affecting other agencies as well.

“We’ve seen an influx in services and other people seeking services because of service lines also not being funded in the state of Illinois so it’s put a tremendous amount of pressure on us.”

Family Resources said they are continuing to discuss upcoming changes and are still unsure if any lay-offs will need to be made.

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